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GHB Alternatives

The two (2) most popular GHB Alternatives are SomatoPro, and Renewtrient.

The information will be limited on these alternatives for the time being due to several things. One being that studies on both is limited. And secondly due to the fact that at the time of this articles writing I have a cold. <G>

SomatoPro is a newer version of Renewtrient. SomatoPro contains a precursor to GHB called 1-4 butane diol. Precursors have many of the same actions as the original chemical compound of GHB. 4-butyrolactone is converted to GHB in the body by an enzyme.
SomatoPro gives an alternative for people in countries where GHB is slowly becoming a controlled substance and yet still unapproved.

For now I'll just provide links to providers which describe in better detail these products.

Keeping in mind the Disclaimer at the start of this website. I dont endorse any company.

I merely provide links for informational purposes. Some of the links are redundent due to the fact that some of the same websites offer more information I found to be a further help in explaining in more detail. And wanted to point these out as well.


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