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Narcolepsy & its commonly associated Memory loss;

If I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times. A person with Narcolepsy talking about
their "poor-memory". "Bad Memory" etc etc etc. I myself have had such a problem.
With a person with narcolepsy the first thing to consider is "are you taking any ampethamine-like or straight ampethamine medications for narcolepsy?"  If yes, the answer to this problem may have a answer. I'm not suggesting this is the answer for you. I'm not saying this is the only answer. I'm suggesting this makes as much sense medically as any other. Here's one persons experience.


" I went to my doctor who treats me for my narcolepsy and
mentioned this odd very very bad memory...he didnt know why I should
have such a problem since Im not even 30 after I boarder-
line begged him for answer's he finally set me up with a ton of
blood tests, MRI 's etc. The Whole nine yards. Nothing. Everything came
back normal. He suggested perhapes its depression. Which aside from
having narcolepsy, Im not really depressed alot. But I do tend to
get into a funk now and then... So now what I asked him? He said,
"Nothing much I can do.. you dont seem to have a problem". Lets
just say I wanted to do nasty things at that point. If I didnt have a
problem, a real problem I thought was as bad as the symtoms of narcolepsy
and dealing with it daily was getting almost impossible, I wouldnt of gone
to him in the first place."


This makes sense mind you. There is no know medical problem that shows. So then what? Theres no magic potion. But there could be a answer in recent medical studies that a neurologist may not be aware of.  What is this "problem"? Lack of "vasopressin".

The following is taken from a brief article available in its entirety.

"...Vasopressin, called "the memory hormone," is a natural brain peptide,
stimulated by acetylcholine and released in the pituitary. It actually helps
create, imprint, and store memories, and is essential to remembering.
Apparently vasopressin is involved in picking out and chunking together
related bits of information from the stream of consciousness, integrating
these chunks into coherent structures, and then "imprinting" these images
or concepts into long-term memory by transforming electrical impulses into
complex proteins that contain memories and are stored away in the brain.
The act of remembering the stored information is also mediated by

"...Over 20 years ago scientists discovered that vasopressin had extraordinary
effects on the memory of laboratory animals-- preventing chemically and
electrically induced amnesia, actually reversing amnesia, and dramatically
boosting the memory and intelligence of normal animals. These findings
spurred much research into the cognition-enhancement effect of vasopressin
on humans. Among the key findings are that small doses of the hormone can
have striking success in quickly reversing traumatic amnesia (amnesia caused
by injuries such as car crashes), can reverse age-related memory loss and
actually restore lost memories, and can produce sharp improvements in
learning and memory using measures such as abstract and verbal memory,
organizational capacities, recall, attention, concentration, focus, short-term
memory, optical memory, and long-term memory. It also boosts performance in
such areas as reaction speed, visual discrimination, and coordination...."

"...Vasopressin pours out during moments of trauma or extreme arousal, which
may explain why those times seem to be so deeply imprinted in our brains, and
are remembered with such clarity....."

"...The most immediate result I get from using vasopressin is increased clarity and
alertness. I can be logical without the usual speediness associated with caffeine use.
After five minutes I've noticed that I'm busily accomplishing tasks that I'd been
putting off for a week. The duration is about two hours for the energetic feelings.
Overall, I feel my short-term memory recall improving over the past two weeks of
using vasopressin. It seems that the longer I use it, the more I can rely on my mind
to be a portable note pad....."

Ok. so now you know what it is. And that its also a form of a medication. How does this have anything to do with a person with narcolepsy and their possible use of certain stimulant medications in connection with their extremely poor memory? Read below.

..Vasopressin is also released by cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, Ritalin, and
Pemoline (Cylert). Those who make frequent use of these drugs (such as a
person with narcolepsy - author added) deplete their brain's vasopressin
supply. The result is depression, and a decline in cognitive function. The
frequent user's response to this depression is to take more of the drug, thus
trying to wring more vasopressin out of their depleted brain: ultimately the well
runs dry. Vasopressin, however, is not a drug but the actual brain hormone that
has been depleted, so it can produce dramatic and virtually instantaneous
improvements in mood and mental functioning....."

"...Unlike stimulants, alcohol and marijuana do not deplete but actually suppress
the release of vasopressin, which could account for the loss of memory many have
noticed when drunk or stoned, or when trying to remember events that occurred
while they were high. Vasopressin can reduce the harmful effects of these drugs
and enhance alertness, reaction speed and concentration...."

"...Anecdotal evidence suggests that vasopressin can produce a state of euphoria
accompanied by self-confidence, energy, assertiveness, and a sensation of extreme
mental clarity. Many believe it is ideal for situations in which lots of new information
needs to be processed and remembered--such as studying for an exam, learning a
language, ploughing through difficult or complex works. Some use it for more
mundane purposes, such as when they have to drive late at night and want to
remain alert...."

And where is this medication form found?

"...Vasopressin (known as Diapid and produced by Sandoz) is available in the USA
with a doctor's prescription, but keep in mind that your doctor may not be familiar
with the uses we have discussed (it is approved by the FDA for treatment of diabetes
insipidus). It can also be purchased over the counter in Mexico or by mail order from overseas...."


END of cut n' paste.

This medication also I'd like to point out has show to be of some use in the treatment of childhood and in some cases, adult, bed wetting. Now keep in mind this is a actual medication. Not a drug. Not a unapproved drug. And therefore requires a doctors written prescription to obtain properly. Although yes many of the so called "smart drug" providers do have this available as well. I nither endorse and/or encourage action taken to purchase this medication without the prescription and supervision of a licensed health professional.

So if its being prescribed in the United States for "bed wetting" how can a person with Narcolepsy go about getting it then ?

Two ways. First you can seek out a Doctor who knows the associated problems that use of most stimulants cause. And mention you would like to try Vascopressin. (this medication has many names, the latest is syntopressin). But I doubt you'll find a doctor to do this.

I'm not about to say it will be easy. I will however detail what I feel is one of the best ways.
That is, to be your own "health advocate". Be your own "health lobbiest". Research and make a good argument for it if after your research into the medication you feel it may help.

Here's a simple outline of how I would go about doing it. Of course this is merely a outline to further example and not ment to be a endorsement of the medication for treatment of memory loss and/or memory disorders caused by currently prescribed medications or other reasons.

Assuming you do not wish to discontinue the stimulantive medication(s) you may be taking to treat narcolepsy prescribed by your doctor. If any associated memory problems are caused by this possible reasoning. Your going to then continue to have these problems. So it is justified that a person may wish to benefit from a commonly prescribed medication for other then its originally intended use. And as long as your doctor agree's its also fine to do so.

But simply suggesting it to your doctor may not be the best option at first. You must inform yourself first. So you are clear on the pro's and con's of this medication. And are clear on whether you feel it may be of help.

#1. Research.
#2. Collect the research and print for the review of your doctor.
#3. ONLY present research and sources from "valid" medical sources. And the more that come from within the USA the better.

And the most effective way. Find a doctor who prescribed it as a memory enhancer. A doctor associated with or who believes in Anti-Aging Medicine.

I doubt you'll find them listed like this in your local telephone book this way. But to locate such a doctor who prescribed for antiaging and enhancement purposes I sought out different sources to help myself, and others find such doctors.

I have found two sources for a listing. Both can be viewed at my section on providers.
Once there. Scroll down to near the bottom. Theres two listings to click on.
One source isprovided by And is linked to their section. It isn't updated often. But is a large resource of names, addresses and telephone numbers. The second one is from the's web site. Its their search data base of Anti Aging Doctors that are members. And those are the ones who would prescribe such a ,medication and be knowledgable about such a problem. I'd seek that out first. Between the two resources Im sure you'll find the doctor your in need of. And wether your purchasing over sea's. Or wether the drug in available in the United States. Having a prescription from a doctor for it is the best possible way. To further ensure a shipment of a purchased item isnt seized by the US Customs for example, having such a Rx will help release the shipment. And either the originial or a copy should be sent for it to be included into the returning shipment. Incase of it being detained.  And if purchasing it from a Pharmacy. You of course need a Rx.

VASOPRESSIN: " Speedy Recall " by Dr. Robert Mason, Ph D.

  What is Vasopressin?

  UPDATE on Vasopressin! Notice of changes to this medication!

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