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There are other options to the normal forms of treatments that normally for most
people with narcolepsy fail to work the majority of the time. Not to mention have
side effects that while taking, the individual normally wonders whether the disease
is as bad as the treatment medications themself.

These different options cover a small list of complaints normally associated with

The most commonly complained are Fatigue(also EDS), Cataplexy(also Catalepsy)
and Impaired Memory.

The medications that have a great deal of documented success for each is the main focus
of this section.

Fatigue & Medications for its treatment for Narcolepsy

ADRAFINIL: What is; (a.k.a. Olmifon) (Description & information below)
NOTE:not to be confused with "Anafranil (a.k.a. clomipramine)" the Antidepressant.

 Adrafinil provides alertness in most without the feeling often felt with stimulants that usually are prescribed for a person with narcolepsy. Such as amphetamines etc. Also the possibility of tolerance is low with its continued use. There is however a need for certain Liver function tests
on a regular basis with its continued use. Normally the same types of required testing as with the medication " cylert " which is commonly prescribed in the USA. It is also used in certain parts europe as a "antidepressant". It is the combination of Adrafinil's releasing stimulantive arousal effect(s), and its antidepressant effects that some doctors in europe recommend Adrafinil over its newer form of Modafinil. There have been studies done in the United States "measuring depression in individuals with sleep disorders",. In one study it was suggested that the
"rate of narcolepsy and depression is estimated to be between 30-52%".

For more information visit: "Damicon" & "Nor adrenaline"

Studies performed on "Adrafinil":

A.) "[Noradrenaline and cerebral aging]"
B.) "Effects of single & repeated treatment w/ antidepressants on apomorphine-induced yawning
in the rat: the implication of alpha-1 adrenergic mechanisms in the D-2 receptor function"
C.) "Effect of modafinil on pancreatic exocrine secretion. Comparison w/ adrafinil and others"
D.) "[A unique psychopharmacologic profile of adrafinil in mice]"
E.) "[The effect of adrafinil on the nocturnal activity of the rhesus monkey]"
F.) "Confirmatory & exploratory analysis applied to pharmaco-EEG & related study data..."
G.) "Pharmacological evidence of the stimulation of central alpha-adrenergic receptors"

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Modafinil: Brief notation on; (a.k.a. Provigil in the USA and other countries)

*NEW: Help paying for your medications to treat Narcolepsy

NOTE: Click to view the Provigil (Modafinil) Update Page"
Modafinil is a newer and it is said to be, improved version of Adrafinil (see name). It's differences
to the patient may be considerable and side effects are reported to be reduced. There are unique
traits in each chemically between the synthesis of Adrafinil & Modafinil that are apparent that make them close but yet acting in different ways.  Modafinil, or as it is known to some as Provigil
is a Drug for the treatment of Narcolepsy (and EDS) that will hopefully be available in the beginning of 1999. It is the second form of "Adrafinil". And works in much the same manner. Yet with less side effects. And without (so far reported) the need for regular liver function tests while using. This Drug however should not be purchased "over sea's" once it becomes available in the USA. Once a drug is available by "prescription only" in the USA its classification changes from a "drug" an/or "unapproved drug" to that of a "medicine", an/or "prescription medication".

MODAFINIL: What is; (Description and other information below)

This is the very latest analogue of adrafinil (see same), and likewise is designed specifically to treat narcolepsy (sleeping in the day). It is considerably more potent than adrafinil, but is also much less likely to be the cause of any liver enzyme problems with long term use. This maybe due to its particular chemical makeup. The drug will hopefully be marketed early this fall under the name of "Provigil" by the company "Cephalon Inc." of West Chester, PA.

*Added: Jan 12, 2000* "New findings on the narcolepsy drug modafinil"

" WGGB News 40, Health Report on Modafinil (a.k.a. Provigil) "
More information: "Dr. White, MD review of Modafinil" & "Modafinil & Narcolepsy; a study;"
                                    "Modafinil: A new drug being developed for the treatment of Narcolepsy"
Studies performed on "Modafinil": (Modafinil a.k.a. Provigil)

A.) "...modafinil & methylphenidate alone & in combination to healthy volunteers"
B.) "Self-reported & manifest sleepiness during blind withdrawal from modafinil & narcoleptics"
C.) "Modafinil for the treatment of pathological somnolence in patients with narcolepsy"
D.) "Modafinil treatment for EDS narcolepsy: double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial"
E.) "...the kinetics & acute tolerability; modafinil & clomipramine alone & in combination to"
F.) "Favorable side effect profile of modafinil"
G.) "Modafinil: long-term, continued efficacy and safety in narcoleptics"
H.) "Awakening profiles of modafinil in sleep-deprived cats and its induction of brain c-fos expression pattern distinct from that caused by amphetamine or methylphenidate"
I.) "..brain neuronal targets w/ amphetamine, methylphenidate, & modafinil-induced wakefulness"
J.)  "Role of catecholamines in the modafinil and amphetamine induced wakefulness..."
K.)  "Effect of modafinil and amphetamine on the rat catecholaminergic neuron activity."
L.) "Effect of modafinil on  symptomatology of human narcolepsy."
M.)  "Modafinil promotes EEG wake without intensifying motor activity in the rat."
N.)  "Modafinil binds to the dopamine uptake carrier site with low affinity."
O.)  "Comparative effects; modafinil & amphetamine on sleepiness & cataplexy..."
P.)   "Increased dopaminergic transmission mediates wake-promoting effects of CNS stimulants"

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