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Introduction :

This page deals with the issue of "importing" via over sea's, the ordering of certain medication(s) that have been treatments and/or helpful to aide in the relief of Narcolepsy and some of the known associated problems i.e. conditions that normally follow with most. Yet that are not currently available in the United States.

Table of Contents :

What is Narcolepsy? (Article with links, resources, misc)
Medications for Narcolepsy (USA)

NEWS (The latest I've found online)

Causes of:

The latest Theory behind Narcolepsy (01-12-2000)
Missing Protein Linked to Narcolepsy


GHB: A Bill pending (Nov.19,1999)
XYREM (GHB):Orphan Medical Narcolepsy Drug Shows Demonstrates Positive Benefits (Jan. 20th, 2000)

Nastassja Kinski admitts to having Narcolepsy (07-03-99)
Tracy Bonner (Champion Diver w/Narcolepsy) Off Suspension (10-8-99)
Tracy Bonner (Previous news article months earlier) (08-09-99)

Medications (possible other options for treatment)

    Section A. Addressing Fatigue & Narcolepsy:

          Fatigue : Adrafinil and Modafinil (Article, links, resources,help & misc)
          Provigil (a.k.a. Modafinil) (Article, differences between 2 medications, links)
          PROVIGIL (Modafinil) Watch (The Latest News on this Drug) (Article)
          Update for March 20, 1999 on Provigil (Modafinil) (Informational Article)

    Section B. Addressing Cataplexy & Narcolepsy:

          Cataplexy & GHB (Article, Links, Resources, Legal Links and Information)
          " GHB, The Story Behind the Story " (Article on GHB)
          GHB: Report to the California Legislature, by Steven Wm. Fowkes(Article)
          GHB: The First Authentic Anti-Depressant, by Claude Rifat(Article)
          GHB: The First Sociabilising Molecule, by Claude Rifat(Article)
          FDA Re-issues Warning on GHB (FDA Talk Paper February 18, 1997)
          CDC: GHB Use --- New York and Texas, 1995--1996
          In Defense against GHB
          GHB: Alternatives: Brief Information and links to providers.
          What is GHB
          General Information on GHB: (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3) (Link-4) (Link-5) (Link-6)
          Dosage Information: (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3) (Link-4) (Link-5) (Link-6) (Link-7)
                                              (Link-8) (Link-9)
          GHB & Sleep: (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3) (Link-4) (Link-5)
          GHB & Depression: (Link-1) (Link-2)
          GHB & Safety: (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3) (Link-4) (Link-5) (Link-6)
          GHB, Chemistry: (Link-1) (Link-2) (Link-3) (Link-4) (Link-5) (Link-6) (Link-7)

    Section C. Addressing Impaired Memory & Narcolepsy:

        Impaired Memory & Piracetam / Pramiracetam et al.
          Impaired Memory & Vascopressin (continuation of Sec. C.)
          VASOPRESSIN: " Speedy Recall " by Dr. Robert Mason, Ph D.
          What is Vasopressin?
          UPDATE on Vasopressin! Notice of changes to this medication!
          UPDATE 2. Vasopressin: Other names of Medication still in USA.

    Section C. Feature Article:

          "The future of Memory Enhancing Medications, closer then we imagine"

    Reference Links for Feature Article:

           A. Frequently Asked Questions About Ampalex (CX516)
           B. NIH to Study Cortex's AMPALEX in Alzheimer's Patients
           C. DGNews: NIH to Study Cortex's AMPALEX in Alzheimer's Patients
           D. Ampalex Found to Have Positive Effects on Memory Deficits in Alzheimer's
           E. NIMH Now Has Ampalex
           F. AMPALEX Has Long-term Effects on Neuronal Function
           G. Welcome to Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
           H. The AMPA Receptor Program

Nootropics: What are they?

          Dr. Klatz D.O. M.D. (Antiaging Doctor and President of World Health)
          A short introduction to " Smart Drugs ". by Samu Mielonen

Importing Information:

          Importing & "Personal Use"
          Importing Recommendations

What you can do to protect your rights
Providers of Over Sea's Medications
In Conclusion
Search & Research Engines on the WWW
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What's the latest theory this month? (Causes of N)

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