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Nootropics & Smart Drugs? What are they?

All of the medications listed within these pages have one thing in common.
They are also refered to as "Nootropics" and/or "Smart Drugs".

A great deal of people who are not thinking of them in relation to their medical use for treating a health problem refer to them as "Smart Drugs". This would refer to some of the medicines mentioned in these pages being able, some people report, to enhance memory. And therefore perhapes enhance intelligence.

Some of the medications listed herein fall into the classification of
"Nootropics". To further explain What they are and why they have the name such as nootrpics and smart drugs I have provided links to websites that may be helpful in understanding these words. It is important to understand. Fore one of the reasons a shipment maybe detained and/or seized by the US Customs when importing any of the medications listed in these pages into the USA would be this labeling of the drugs.

When called a "Smart Drug" its by a person wishing to use such for recreational use. And not for treatment of a disorder and/or health condition. The FDA and other US Government regulatory agencies did not intend for the policy known as the "personal-use import policy" to be used by a healthy individual to obtain medications not classified as medications. And therefore known as a "Drug" and/or "unapproved-drug". It is therefore important to know what this labeling is. And understand it. So for the person who is actually in need, medically, for such drugs.

The more knowledge as to what a person maybe up against and the knowledge of the background concerning how some use the policy for other then its intended purposes may be ear-marked for later. If a medication, aka a drug is imported into the USA. The agency that may seize it and attept to clarify what the intended use of such drugs was may be answered clearly. And any such language as the above may be understood in advance.

To make it clear I personally have no feelings one way or the other about a individual wanting to import for personal use that is not in medical need. As long as it dosent effect me its none of my concern. However. I dont not like how some would fail to point out that the "personal-use" policy did not make anything legal. It granted no rights. And took none away. It also normally isnt pointed out that the policy was intended for a person with grave medical concerns. Conditions that forms of treatment for the person have failed. And there is no other treatment options left. Such as with AIDS for example. More on "personal-use" and the policy in general near the bottom of this article.

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