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If you find this article and its idea's should be protected.  That idea being the ability of a person to order from a over sea's company a unproved medication(s) if they have a medical disorder
an/or disease that may benefit from it. I urge you to review a possible legislation being considered.

Goto:  Once there in the left-hand-corner there is a list of options for search this resource. The first being  "Search by Bill Number".  In the blank section they provide type in "H. R. 746" (without the " of course) Scroll down and click on the SEARCH button provided. This will retrieve the Bill "H.R.746", entitled, "Access to Medical Treatment Act". Review it. I have gone through the Bill and find certain sections that I would rather see left out. But for the most
part it is what I believe is needed. It defines more of a person with the need to seek alternative treatments rights. And for the most part make the content of [the] Personal Use Import Policy Law. And not just a  policy that could possibly be set-a-side. And/or ignored at a agencies discretion.


Still can't find it? Try clicking " here" !

After viewing the Bill. Goto the " Cosponsors " section of the bill. If your local Congressman(men) and/or Senator(s) or not among those supporting this bill, email them.
Find their email address by viewing their homepage or by searching on " ".
And ALSO mail them via regular United States Postal Service Mail. The reason being that way they get twice the flood of "voter" mail. And will look at the bill instead of "making note" that someone is concerned.

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