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*Note : As stated within these pages. There are many reasons why a shipment may be detained.    To further help ensure this does not happen always remember one of them is called "mislabeling". And one of the requirements for this would be instructions for the products use are not in "english". And therefore could also fall under a possible "health risk" etc. When choosing a source for ordering. Always seek a provider that is in a english speaking country first. So to help avoid getting a shipment with all non-English instructions and labeling etc.

Sources and / or Providers:

A.) International Antiaging Systems, Limited
*Note on International Antiaging Systems. This company has been place on
"AUTOMATIC DETENTION" by the FDA. (Automatic Detention defined here)

B.) Quality Health International, Inc.
*Note on Quality Health International "click here"

C.) AlphAware

D.) Cosmic Sales & Mkt. Inc.
Link removed. Too many complaints. And this company apparently works from the USA
(Lawrenceville, GA)  which makes their services, if true, illegal. They can be found on the
internet by performing a name search etc. (Buyer beware)

E.) InHome Health Services

F.) Eurocare Mail order Pharmacy

G.) Big Ben Export Co. (Mail only. Price list & Address provided)

H.) Masters Marketing Co. (Mail only. Price list & Address provided)

I.)  Interlab (Mail only. Price list & Address provided)
*Cautionary note on "Interlab provided here". Read before ordering.
*Update Oct 2nd, 1998 : Interlab now has a Web site at " Click here "

J.) Qwilleran (Mail only. Price list & Address provided)
*Note: If web site is down goto : " Click Here "

K.) Flavine International

L.) For sources that reside within the United States & if your have found a Doctor
that will prescribe either GHB or Piracetam. Then search here for a local Compounding
source to provide either or both of the two items. " Click "

M.) And there are International sources for most of the medications listed here on these web pages. As well as others. For a listing of most providers " click here ".

Please take note: If you have read my sections on Importing and "personal-use
as well as the section ajoined to it which is entitled " Importing Recommendations ".
You will already of taken note that one of the requirements for importing for a illness
under the "personal-use import policy" the FDA has designed as a guideline for Federal
agencies that deal with goods imported into the USA usually requires that the imported item(s) be acompanied by a prescription for the item(s). I know this sounds odd for a prescription to be desired when the item(s) are supposedly not available in the USA in the first place. But its to ensure you are intending to use such under the care of a licensed Doctor of some kind. So as a further service I am providing two unique links that will help you, the seeker into this area of possible health betterment find that Doctor.

Practitioner Referral Listing  (This is a link to CERI and their section on Doctors. Remember however this list isn't updated that often)

Physician Directory *Countesy of WorldHealth.Net (This is one of the best sources I've ever found via the net. And the most up-to-date. WorldHealth.Net is a foundation of whos members aside from being adverage people like you and I, are also Doctors who believe in
Anti Aging Medicine. Roughly I believe the count is over 2,000 Doctors Worldwide are members of their organization. Among whom is Dr. Ronald Klatz. Known as the Foremost expert on Anti Aging Medicine in the World today. He also recently was a guest on the
Art Bell show. If you have Real Audio Player (a version I use is free btw at their web site)
I would encourage you to listen his most recent appearance on the show. (this appearance was on 2-18-98 which you can listen to by clicking here)  You'll have to fastforward the show a hour. He was on for the last four hours of the show I believe. And a great and interesting interview. Recommended Listening to anyone interested in this subject.

He is also set to appear as a guest in the second hour of the program on 11/03/98

Goto the web site for the show to find out more if interested.
When on, the show is normally done live. You can listen via Real Audio Player by
clicking here.  For more information on what Radio stations the show is playing on
click here.

Information solely dedicated on Dr. Klatz can be found written by myself at this new
page. Click here.

REPORT! Help keep this page updated! Report any bad links and any experiences you may have
with any of the providers listed above. Good or bad. A new section will be added shortly to display those experiences reported by email to this page. Naturally only statements will be provided any email addresses will not to respect the privacy of contributors.


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This page last updated: October 29th, 1998