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Recommendations on Importing and Personal Use :

Here is a few recommendations that may speed things along.

Write a letter for the US Customs. You may use the "example statement", or some variation if you wish.  It is similar to which has been suggested before at the links provided above. But includes information I personally feel should be stated as well if the person is that of a medically in-need individual.

A.) Write the letter and place in a envelope that you have written on the front of, "Attention US Customs, please read".

B.)  Then write on a small sheet of paper a note to the providing company suchas below;

"..Dear (over sea's company), I have enclosed a envelope labeled "Attention US Customs, please read".  I would like your company to place this envelope in with my order you will be sending to me. It explains my current health condition and the purpose I am ordering these medications. And it may help to release them if for some reason they are seized when entering my country."

Thank you sincerely,

(signature here)

C.) Write a letter for the envelope that addresses information the US Customs would probably be seeking if they were to mail a letter to the intended recipient of the imported medications.

For the purposes of this article I will use as a example the disease of "narcolepsy" and will include "all"  of the medications I have talked about above in this article.

If you have a different health problem, naturally edit and personalize this letter to your particular circumstances and for the products you have ordered. Also, eitherway edit and write it in your own style of writing. We would'nt want every person who views this page to write a copy of these recommendations. Since then it will become sort of a formatted appearance. And then might not be taken seriously. As it may become thought of as some letter format copied from a book.


To whom it may concern,

I, (your FULL name here) have requested the medications contained in this shipment for the treatment of my current medical condition. My condition being that of the disease known as "narcolepsy".

Neither of the Medications being sent to myself pose any risk to the Publics Health an/or Well being.

I, (your FULL name here), do State The Following:

1.) These Medications are for my "personal-use" only.
2.) The amounts of each is within the personal-use guideline(s) (No more then 3 month-supply)
3.) That the drugs are not approved in the United States at the time of the writing of this letter.       And therefore not available in the United States.
4.) I personally am responsible for requesting these Medications.
5.) The Company shipping these medications to myself did not engage in promotional activities related to the Medications or myself.
6.) That once I receive these Medications, my Doctor(s) will be supervising my use of these Medications.

*Note: If you have located a Doctor who will provide you with a prescription for the medications you are requesting from one of the providers you have found. I would also add that enclosed is a prescription from you doctor and also provide contact information in case the U.S. Customs Service wishes to verify the doctor does exist. They usually however dont call. But it is a requirement that a doctors prescription be provided with the imported item(s) so the more of the requirements you meet, the more you will ensure you'll get your shipment should it become detained.  As a curtesy to aide you in finding such a doctor who is knowledgable in these medications. Two sources for looking up doctors that do have this knowlledge is provided on the section entitled " 7. Providers of Over Sea's Medications ". Please visit it. And at near the end is the two sources to help you find a doctor in your area.

7.) That these Medications are for treating a possibly life threatening and currently debilitating condition(s) to which my past treatments has not been able to relieve or decrease.

These Medications are not Controlled Substances. And therefore Do Not Violate any portion of the "Controlled Substances Act". (21 U.S.C. 801 et seq.)

If it is necessary I may be contacted by telephone at (XXX)555-1212.


(your signature here)

I have included at the bottom this example the sentence on allowing the US Customs, or any other agency the option of contacting me directly by phone. You would decide if this makes sense for you. My feeling is that it may be wise. It is known there is a time limitation for any response to a letter sent by the US Customs or another agency concerning a shipment that has recently been seized. I personally don't mind skipping the formality and getting a phone call rather then wait. And possibly
miss a dead-line.  See further recommendations on types of mail services "click here"

In my example I have stated nothing that was not true.  I wrote the letter to help speed the process up by answering questions I thought they may have when examining my shipment.  I ordered the above medications for the treatment of a valid medical  condition. And once received, I personally do intend to take them under the supervision of my doctor.

Only state the truth. And remember, you are doing nothing illegal if you are using the policy for its intended purposes. And follow the guidelines. This is not a legal opinion. I am making a statement based on reading a policy that applies to me on importing medications that I can not receive in the USA. Of course when in doubt, any individual should seek a Attorney who has expertise in these matters.

Narcolepsy has a road of treatments that usually end with stimulant use. It can not be cured. And the use of some of the different varieties of medications commonly prescribed, depending on the medication. May after long term use cause health problems of their own. However, seeking medical treatment(s) without a doctors supervision is like trying to bun gee jump off a bridge just because one saw a episode of a sitcom where everything worked out o.k. in the end.

The US Customs Service has the means, if the requirements are met, to release a shipment to the requesting individual by the use of the "personal-use" import policy. And their own directives.

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