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VASOPRESSIN: " Speedy Recall "

Dr. Robert Mason, Ph D

Anti - Aging Bulletin V3 Issue 1 March 1997

I think that this product is one of the fastest acting memory agents I have ever used. That may not be surprising as it is applied through the nose, a route which is well known as being a very direct path to the brain.

I notice a difference often within seconds, and certainly within a few minutes. Any initial fogginess or slowness that was present earlier is then usually completely eradicated.

For me one of the greatest benefits of vasopressin, is its ability to take affect in a very short time. Its drawback? Well the affects are only likely to last a few hours. Therefore I only use it when I have to, that is, when my brain is particularly sluggish and I need to get into a higher gear quickly. As such I find it most beneficial both for when I have to absorb a large amount of information at one sitting. That's why I consider vasopressin to be a true smart drug.


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