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Vasopressin: Notice of changes to this medication

Sandoz has taken Vasopressin off the world market. The reason Sandoz has given for this decision is that they are now going to market similar products that are more effective in controlling Diabetes insipidus. Vasopressin is the medication that doctors prescribe in the treatment of Diabetes insipidus.

Sandoz is marketing a new vasopressin product under the brand name of Syntopressin.
This will also be available in 5ml nasal spray bottles.

Unfortunately, Sandoz has increased the price of the new product. In its newer form this medication if ordered from QHI Inc for example can now be purchased in the form of Syntopressin at the price of £7.75/$12.00/18.50Sfr. It is item No. 44 on the order form.

*Note Have you tried the former form of this drug? " Vasopressin " ? OR have you tried
            the latest form of " Vasopressin " which is " Syntopressin " ? Email ME a brief
            article i.e. report on your experiences with either and I'll publish it on this web
            sites pages and give you credit as the author! Writing a article will help others
            better get a idea of which is better. And if it really helps or is just hype! So sound
            off and speak up! Email " "


Update as of Oct. 7th, 1998

*Latest Update on this Medication as of October 31st, 1998
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