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The first version of this medication being that of " Vasopressin "
was taken off the market a year ago. However as stated on the other pages of this web site on the drug is will be out shortly under a new name. A improved version as " Syntopressin ".

If it will have the same effects in so much as replacing the hormon " vasopressin " and therefore be of benefit is not known thus far.

However. It is still possible to try this medication. Under its original form. Just under a different name. Below you will find the names this medication also goes by. It is the same drug. Just under many other commercial names. And requires a prescription from a doctor if desired to get within the United States. The older version and the first version can still be purchased without a prescription from over sea's companies that supply such medications. A list of which is available on this web sites pages as well.


Brand and Generic Names:

Desmopressin, DDAVP (desmopressin acetate), & Stimate.

Drug class:

Antidiuretic, antihemorrhagic

Uses prescribed for within the United States:

Prevents and controls symptoms associated with
central diabetes insipidus.

Treats primary nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting
during sleep).

More Information: Link;

ThriveOnline: DDAVP

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