Personal Experiences:

" Pramiracetam "
(a.k.a. Neupramir)


What are Nootropics
Nootropic means acting on the mind.  It is a term given to the first substance found to have beneficial effects in the treatment of memory loss, age related memory decline, lack of concentration, etc.

The first Nootropic was piracetam (branded Nootropil). Not only was it beneficial, but it has so few side effects and contraindications that one biochemist described it "as safe as salt". The current available list of nootropics comprises of,
Aniracetam, Neuractiv, Nootropil (Piracetam), Pramiracetam (Neupramir).

What is Pramiracetam

PRAMIRACETAM: Recent clinical Trials would indicate that this analogue of piracetam might be the most potent. One clinical trial described optimum piracetam dosages at 100 mg per Kg body weight, whereas pramiracetam was 15 mg/ Kg body weight. Effectively up to 7 times stronger. Usual doses of pramiracetam are one tablet (600 mg) once or twice daily.

Remember that all Nootropics are synergistic with other brain nutrition products, in particular, choline, DMAE (Actebral), hydergine, Lucidril, etc.  When combining these products the patient may have to reduce overall doses in order to avoid possible side effects of nausea and headaches.

Personal Experience

I ordered the product and got it roughly 20 days after. Not a bad turn-around time at all. I had problems with the company I ordered it from due to the fact they they over charged my bank account for the item. But my bank credited me for the amount since it was easy to prove being that the amounts were different from what I was charged via the bank withdraw and what I had written on the check itself.

I tried it the very first day I got it. Having read many posts of how strong it was supposed to be I decided to not take the full dose and just split the pill in half. It comes in a 600 mg tablet. So splitting it would make it 300 mg.

I tried it rather late in the day around 3pm.   I have read that it would normally start working after 30 minutes or so. So therefore I waited. After a hour I noticed nothing really. And began to work on a few web pages that I had put off for a few days.

While typing into each page and making adjustments I noticed that my typing speed increased and I made no misspellings. Which is odd for me. I like to type fast but I don't type very good to begin with. So normally for me I would hit the next closest key on the computers keyboard and make a slight misspelling that I would catch later.

I also noticed that my normal ups and downs that would happen throughout the day didn't happen. I felt "level". "Balanced". Rather a odd feeling for me. I tend to work on many things in a day each having a different topic that doesn't resemble the other. So some can be rather a emotional one. But I was able to feel somewhat normal. "Normal" as in, I didn't feel that each task was beyond me. That each task had a creative avenue that could be added to make its solution more creative and therefore much more pleasing for others who are interested or those I am trying to get interested into what the cause may be Im working towards attracting them to etc. I know this is rather vague. But basically. I work on web sites for people who are advocates for different political action groups, and Civil liberties groups. As well as I consider myself to be sort of a writer in a way. I tend to jot down little ideas to work on later for comedy etc. in my spare time. Writing possible screen plays and that sort of thing. And write commentary on articles of law and other matters.

Each piece of writing came to my mind easy. And I would have almost no down time. Meaning that known "writers block" that is so common to a person who is online writing as often as I usually am. And not to mention the Narcolepsy. It tends to fill the mind with great fatigue as part of its illness. And clouds, fogs up the mind as the feeling of being "spaced out" didn't happen as often. I would say not at all to a degree.

Im sure if taken by a person without narcolepsy, the feelings would be as suggested by others. Thinking the clearest they've ever thought before etc.

But for me, I would have to say I felt clear by a factor of 35 to 50% more than I normally am with the narcolepsy. Which is still fantastic.

After taking it for a period of a week. I tried upping the dose to see if the 35 to 50% I mentioned would increase.

It didn't. I only felt a headache after a while and tired. And so to make it go away I just went to bed. But this isn't that bad. Keeping in mind that people with narcolepsy feel tired any ways. And the headache could of been because of something I eat or that I've been up and writing staring at a monitor for hours due to the more clear mind and willingness to write more and more since using the Pramiracetam.

I was hoping for the sort of "manic" feeling I've read about. I know that sounds odd. But it was described as the feeling of wanting to get things done. Like cleaning the house, getting things done that have been put off etc. And to a degree I don't think I've even felt that though.

I have completed and started many things. But not a "drive" to do it. Like feeling manic. More like, my mind wasn't that foggy or tired due to the narcolepsy anymore, thanks to the pramiracetam. So I was able to get things done I wanted to do.
So therefore its not the same effect.

But either way you cut it. I can say I'll be ordering more. I helps.

It sure helped me to the point where I did notice after reflection on it after the first days use that being without it would mean that whatever creativity I would have as a person if I didn't have the narcolepsy. I would now be without if not having the pramiracetam. And life's too short to live within a certain limited form if I can do anything about it.

I felt no bad side effects of taking the pramiracetam. Accept for the headache I had the one time.

And it just tells me that I was right in taking only half. Which is a money saver. Since the Pramiracetam I purchased cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $36.00 (U.S.) and came in a package of 20 Tablets. Breaking each in half means I have 40 instead of 20 days use if I want. Not a bad deal now.

From now on I'll probably cut the tablet into a half. Then cut that half into another half. Taking only One forth of a tablet in the morning, and the other forth in the afternoon. Then save the balance for the next day to cut the remaining portion like before into two separate tablets.

One point I have never heard or read anyone mention anywhere about Pramiracetam. And its sort of weird.

Pramiracetam Tablets are a sort of white pill. If you split one in half you will notice a very light yellowish center. After I left one half of the tablet sitting on my desk for a day and decided the next afternoon to take it. I went to get it and found that the outer coating, was wrinkling up. And falling off. Like the air getting to it somehow makes it decompose? Any ways, it just means to me that its a delicate drug and should be kept no longer than one day exposed to air. And if can be, kept in a air tight sort of container. The packaging it came in was with little pockets that held each tablet. And each was sealed with a foil covering. So to be air tight and tamper proof.  So guess thats the reason why.

Monday October 12th, 1998

From: (Tyson Jacobs)
Subject: Pramiracetam
Date: 27 Apr 1996 18:49:59 GMT

I am writing to reccomend the wonderful smart drug Pramiracetam. Of all the nootropics I have tried (Piracetam, Hydergine, Vinpocetine, Lucidril, Pyroglutamate,
Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo)

Pramiracetam has by far the most pronounced and immediate effect. At 300 mg (1/2 tablet) it has such a strong effect that I DON'T WANT to take it daily. I only use it for extermely
intense study sessions. It has, like most smart drugs, no periphial stimulatory effects. You don't really get an amphetamine-like rush of thoughts. Instead, you'r mind becomes
absolutely, almost painfully, clear.

Memory retrieval becomes much more fluid. Abstract thought is accompanied by much less "resistance". Reading becomes much more of an easy and passive activity. I would like to hear more reports concerning this or mabye some of the other pyrilidone derivatives (Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Etiracetam)


From: Peter Parker
Subject: Re: Aniracetam
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 10:02:24 -0400

Gregory David Thomas wrote:
> I will soon be trialing Aniracetam on myself and am wondering >if anyone  can give me a comparison against Pramiracetam or >Piracetam. And what is it best mixed with?

I use pramiracetam in combination with vinpocetine. I am afraid I cannot compare it to aniracetam, because i have never tried that. However, I will describe my pramiracetam benefits in the hope that that helps some.

1) I am pretty bad about following conversations, and coming up with the right words when I am talking. I find that the pramiracetam works very well for verbal fluency - much better
than oxiracetam or vasopressin.

2) Concentration - I find that it does not feel like a stimulant. It gives me a calm, relaxed focus. It could be the vinpocetine that helps with this also.

3) Writing - related to verbal fluency i guess - my writing skills are much improved on it

4) Multi tasking - not sure this term even applies to humans, but it helps with dealing with many tasks at once.

Good luck - please post with a comparison of the effects of aniracetam - I am interested in trying it.

From: (Gregory David Thomas)
Subject: Pramiracetam gives more effort?
Date: 17 Oct 1996 01:15:16 GMT

I have found an interesting and very useful effect of Pramiracetam. Usually when I take it, I clean the house (usually a mess). After talking to a Pharmacoligist friend, it would seem
that it makes you slightly manic and results in you doing what needs to be done!

So not only does it increase your learning potential, it also increases the likelihood of you learning and achieving what is necessary.

Please try it and mail me your experiences. I have had this effect on 300mg. I now take 150 mg Pramiracetam, 200-400 Piracetam and 2.5 mg Hydergine. And of course I have a tablespoon of lecithan on my breakfast cereal!

Have a personal experience you would like to share about this nootropic drug pramiracetam? Email me your experiences and I'll add them unedited to this page.